Recommended Productivity Service: Spanning Sync

As Google surges forward in its drive to take over the world, many people are beginning to use its Gmail service. Associated with this are also Google Calendars and Contacts. I can highly recommend both of these, especially Calendars for  features like thorough event planning that allow attendance confirmation, location specification (down to the exact room), and notification to all attendees if things like date, time, or location change. This is certainly an awesome (and free) productivity service that everyone should really be on board with. Continue reading

How Americans Can Win from China

The situation that we have been facing lately with China is an especially interesting scenario. It seems that most mass media aims to use scare tactics that devote too much attention to China’s rapid growth rate and why we should be concerned about it. I know I’m even a little guilty of calling our readers’ attentions to this fact. Now I’d like to elaborate on the flip side: why China’s growth could spur one of the biggest economic expansions ever, both in America and around the world.

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Chinese Government Subsidies are Killing the American Green Movement

One of the biggest criticisms of the Go Green fever that has been sweeping through the nation over the last several years is the political nature of it all. It appears that this characteristic may ultimately bring the movement in its current iteration to an end, spawning an entirely rethought effort or otherwise halting the progress of related initiatives.

Panda Eating a Solar Panel

Photoshop by Andy from AET. Original panda image from

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Command and Control

In my opinion, the presence of a dominant, alpha-male complex, is an integral part of the managerial psyche. However, I do agree with Bob Brennan, the Iron Mountain CEO, that the negative effects of this trait may interfere with the efficiency of a working environment. John T. Landy analyzes this balancing effect in Breaking the Command and Control Reflex. Effectively, both Brennan and Landy affirm that in the current upper-management arena, employees still operate with a questioning attitude towards cooperation. As Brennan presents it, “Most managers can’t help but see collaboration as a kind of threat to their territory, and they raise a variety of ‘defense mechanisms’ to thwart it.”

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Current Read: The Intelligent Entrepreneur by Bill Murphy

The Intelligent Entrepreneur is a fantastic mixture of entrepreneurial advice and challenging, yet encouraging, business anecdotes. The latter focus on the entrepreneurial evolution of three Harvard Business School graduates. In the first chapter, Murphy explains how he chose which aspiring businessmen and businesswomen to follow. Being that he was only assessing the development of HBS students, he realized that his subjects were already beginning at the top of the totem pole, however he tried to pick three students without profuse advantages that wouldn’t otherwise be available to the average entrepreneur.

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